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Inventory 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Inventory 365 uses special extensions to map a traditional nature-of-expense method (NEM) within the P&L statement. The app helps with the reconciliation of the general ledger (financial accounting) and sub-ledger (stock accounting) using a variety of detailed functions. This is ensured using modern filtering techniques as well as additional analysis functions.

Solution scenarios with Inventory 365

Agree and recognise differences

Inventory 365 can not only save you time and therefore money, but also hold your nerves: Quickly determine differences between your values in stock accounting and your stock accounts in financial accounting.

Evaluate floating goods quickly and easily

Create an overview at the push of a button, as required by the auditor on the reporting date. Create debtor and creditor evaluations containing all relevant information for goods in transit. What has been delivered but not yet invoiced?

Genuine nature-of-expense method

A high level of transparency within financial accounting through additional P&L postings to map production-relevant areas for a traditional nature-of-expense method. Posting to flexible accounts within the P&L and balance sheet allows flexible evaluations and analysis in financial accounting

Extended posting logic for financial accounting

Separate manual postings from automatic postings. For each transaction, depending on the reason and origin code, post to separate accounts in the P&L and balance sheet. A high level of transparency in P&L through splitting and an greater level of detail.

Reconciliation of general ledger financial accounting with sub-ledger inventory

Help! My stock value doesn’t match the financial accounting. Adjust your stock to match financial accounting. Identify incorrect postings, find differences, analyse details and take corrective measures.

Nature-of-expense method with Inventory 365

Item movements are the basis for the diverse information you get with the help of Inventory 365. For greater transparency, with a single click you can separate facts that are normally only displayed on one account. You can apply nine different filters to obtain the appropriate basis for your analysis.

  • Display and evaluate floating goods
  • Any filter codes for your analysis
  • Differentiated inventory postings

Reconciliation of general ledger financial accounting with sub-ledger stock

Numerous details are automatically included in the stock item reconciliation. You can see at a glance whether the system has posted the stock values to the correct accounts. Differences between the entry in the general ledger and the actual current stock value can be identified quickly and easily.

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Pricing models & trial version

On Premises – pricing model

Billing periodPrice
One-off licence fees
annual maintenance (18%)1

Monthly subscription2229,00€

1 The annual maintenance is automatically extended by one year if not cancelled 3 months before the end of the term.
2 Monthly billing with a minimum term of one year. Terms with price guarantee of up to 3 years possible – can be cancelled monthly thereafter. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled 30 days before expiry.

Cloud – pricing model

Scaling of usersPrice per month1
0-25 licensed Dynamics BC users199,00 €
26-50 licensed Dynamics BC users229,00 €
51-100 licensed Dynamics BC users299,00 €
>100 licensed Dynamics BC users399,00 €

Prices are based on licensed Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users (Essential, Premium).
The total number of users determines the respective price scale (see package prices).
Billing is always monthly – regardless of the agreed total duration of the subscription.
1 Monthly billing with a minimum term of one year. Terms with price guarantee of up to 3 years possible – can be cancelled monthly thereafter. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled 30 days before expiry.

System requirements / product availability

NAV2009R2 – NAV2018BC13 und BC14BC15BC 16.1 – BC23BC SaaS
Inventory 365checked checked checked checked

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You can find all information about the Inventory 365 app in our factsheet.

All features in detail


  • use different filter codes as a basis for your analyses
  • display how value items and non-cash items are connected with a single click
  • evaluate floating goods at the touch of a button.
  • the app makes additional P&L entries – for mapping a true nature-of-expense method and increasing transparency in financial accounting.
  • make additional individual entries based on the origin and cause code
  • make differentiated inventory adjustment entries
  • see at a glance whether the account matches the posting groups of your item or whether there are any incorrect postings.

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