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bill-to 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

bill-to 365 automates your recurring invoices and bills. If you are tired of boring your valuable employees with the cumbersome details of operational accounting, then you should use bill-to 365. bill-to 365 specialises in what the name stands for: creating invoices/bills, particularly in the area of subscriptions and other forms of recurring invoices and bills.

Automate your recurring invoices and bills

A variety of billing methods are available to you, which you can also easily change and individually expand. Of course, the New Commerce Experience from Microsoft is also part of this. But bill-to 365 can do so much more. Whether you need to bill for consumption, licences or one-off items. Whether it concerns projects, sprints, software or magazine subscriptions. Whether it’s concerns water, electricity, telephone, storage space or CPU load. bill-to 365 takes care of the billing for you.

  • Subscription management
  • Flexible billing models
  • Fully automated process

Efficient solution for your subscription billing

You may be satisfied with writing orders and invoices/bills manually if each transaction is individual. But in many business sectors, subscriptions and recurring invoices/bills are now the norm. This means that, in principle, the same bill must be issued again and again at fixed intervals over the term of the subscription. With smaller or larger variations in the number of components.

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Pricing models & trial version

On Premises – subscription pricing model

Scaling of usersPrice per month1
0-25 licences Dynamics BC users299,00 €
26-50 licences Dynamics BC users349,00 €
51-100 licences Dynamics BC users399,00 €
>100 licences Dynamics BC users549,00

Prices are based on licensed Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users (Essential, Premium).
The total number of users determines the respective price scale (see package prices).
Billing is always monthly – regardless of the agreed total subscription term.
1 monthly billing for a minimum term of one year. Periods with price guarantee of up to 3 years possible – thereafter monthly cancellable. Automatic renewal for another period if not cancelled 30 days before expiration.

Cloud – pricing model

Subscription scalePrice per month1
Starter 50 subscriptions298,00 €
Business 2.500 subscriptions3299,00 €
Enterprise 10.000 subscriptions4499,00 €

Prices are based on the number of subscriptions to be managed within bill-to 365 (subscriptions).
Billing is always monthly – regardless of the agreed total duration of the subscription.
The monthly subscription fee is valid for one productive instance (environment)
1 Monthly billing with a minimum term of one year. Terms with price guarantee of up to three years possible – can be cancelled monthly thereafter. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled 30 days before expiry.
not expandable
3 plus €28 per 1,000 additional subscriptions
4 plus €14 per 2,500 additional subscriptions

System requirements / product availability

NAV2009 – NAV2018BC13 – BC19BC 20 – BC 23BC SaaS
bill-to 365 checked checked

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You can find all information about bill-to 365 in our factsheet.

All features in detail


  • Flexible and easy-to-use control of your subscriptions and recurring invoices/bills
  • Different billing models, such as licences and consumption, which can be combined in the same subscription
  • Simple and individual parameterisation of your invoice or bill texts
  • Inclusion of automated texts, also based on conditions such as floating holidays or sales opportunities such as Black Friday
  • Overview and suggestions for action through concrete facts and figures and more than 25 other KPIs
  • Parallel consideration of terms, settlement periods and performance periods
  • Trial periods, notice periods, grace periods and automatic renewals
  • Bundles, one-off items and internal comments in the subscription that are not visible to your customers
  • Subscription requests for parallel communication with your customers and distributors or licensors and for consideration of your internal compliance rules
  • Automatic creation of recurring invoices/bills including error tracking
  • Ad hoc usage analyses that show you which customers purchase which services from you
  • Accurate daily storage of all billing-relevant quantity changes with greatly simplified entry: manually via book sheets, enquiries or directly via purchases

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