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Extensions for your financial accounting

We offer solution scenarios that introduce you to complementary features within financial accounting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Benefit from these practical scenarios and work more effectively and transparently than ever before. Round off your solution with the associated additional products.

Solution scenarios for your financial accounting

Evaluate floating goods quickly and easily

Create an overview at the push of a button, as required by the auditor on the reporting date. Create debtor and creditor evaluations containing all relevant information for goods in transit. What has been delivered but not yet invoiced?

Genuine nature-of-expense method

A high level of transparency within financial accounting through additional P&L postings to map production-relevant areas for a traditional nature-of-expense method. Posting to flexible accounts within the P&L and balance sheet allows for flexible evaluations and analysis even in financial accounting.

Extended posting logic for financial accounting

Separate manual postings from automatic postings. For each transaction, depending on the reason and origin code, post to separate accounts in the P&L and balance sheet. A high level of transparency in P&L through splitting and an greater level of detail.

Reconciliation of general ledger financial accounting with sub-ledger inventory

Help! My stock value doesn’t match the financial accounting. Adjust your stock to match financial accounting. Identify incorrect postings, find differences, analyse details and take corrective measures.

Other solution scenarios

Up to 8 dimensions

Are the cost centre and cost unit within cost accounting not enough for you? Then create a contribution margin calculation per product, project, order or customer! Define additional dimensions flexibly and evaluate them separately.

Subsequent conversion of the stock issue method

Was the wrong stock issue method chosen when the item was created? Do you want to convert your products to third-party production and need to change the stock issue method flexibly? With Costing Method 365, you subsequently change the stock issue method upon which the valuation is based for items that have already been posted.

Inventory valuations made easy

To present the stock value on the balance sheet cut-off date, you need informative documentation for the auditor. Quickly and easily determine stock values according to certain criteria and maintain precise evidence.

Valuation according to the strict lowest value principle

Evaluate your products according to the strict lowest value principle. Criteria such as mobility, age structure, expiration date or range are taken into account. Or carry out specific valuation adjustments.

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