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Costing Method 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Costing Method 365 is a special solution that allows you to change the stock issue method retrospectively. This is also possible during operation and without any loss of data.

Solution scenarios with Costing Method 365

Subsequent conversion of the stock issue method

Was the wrong stock issue method chosen when the item was created? Do you want to convert your products to third-party production and need to change the stock issue method flexibly? With Costing Method 365, you subsequently change the stock issue method upon which the valuation is based for items that have already been posted.

Changing the ‘fixed’ unit cost and changing the ‘serial number range’

Do you want to set a new ‘fixed’ unit cost due to organisational requirements and change the batches or lot number groups even though they still have stock with the old information? Adjust your inventory – quick and easy.

Quick change without data loss

Once set up, the stock issue method information, as well as the item tracking code and base unit code, is saved in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application. When you post item movements, the system always uses this item information as a basis. Different stock issue methods that access the same basic data can generate widely differing costs and inventory values.

  • Change stock issue method
  • Value flow strategy entries
  • Can be changed automatically or manually

Fast help with use cases

Costing Method 365 allows you to change the originally selected calculation basis. Correct historical cost information in the item entries and other transaction data remain untouched when making this change.

If the valuation basis (LIFO, FIFO, average, …) is incorrectly assigned during setup, cost and inventory values may not be calculated as you desire. With Costing Method 365 you can remedy this and change the calculation method for the future as of the effective date.

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Pricing models & trial version

On Premises – pricing model

Billing periodPrice
One-off licence fee
annual maintenance (18%)1

Monthly subscription2229,00€

1 The annual maintenance is automatically extended by one year if not cancelled 3 months before the end of the term.
2 Monthly billing with a minimum term of one year. Terms with price guarantee of up to 3 years possible – can be cancelled monthly thereafter. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled 30 days before expiry.

Cloud – pricing model

Scaling of usersPrice per month1
0-25 licensed Dynamics BC users199,00 €
26-50 licensed Dynamics BC users229,00 €
51-100 licensed Dynamics BC users299,00 €
>100 licensed Dynamics BC users399,00 €

Prices are based on licensed Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users (Essential, Premium).
The total number of users determines the respective price scale (see package prices).
Billing is always monthly – regardless of the agreed total duration of the subscription.
The monthly subscription fee is valid for one productive instance (environment)
1 Monthly billing with a minimum term of one year. Terms with price guarantee of up to 3 years possible – can be cancelled monthly thereafter. Automatic renewal for a further period if not cancelled 30 days before expiry.

System requirements / product availability

NAV 2009R2 – NAV2018BC13 und BC14BC15BC 16.1 – BC23BC SaaS
Costing Method 365 checked checked checked checked

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You can find all information about Costing Method 365 in our factsheet

All features in detail


  • you can change the stock issue method without losing historical information.
  • thanks to the value flow batch items, you can always see at which point in the value flow changes have been made for which items.
  • make changes in the same way you are used to from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, via proposals that you have had filled in automatically or filled in manually yourself.
  • define new standard costs
  • comprehensively change your stock issue methods without special knowledge through batch processing

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