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The foundation of controlling is basic data from the financial system. Due to different controlling requirements, additional information is necessary. Based on solution scenarios, we show how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be extended and offers high added value.

Solution scenarios for your controlling

Up to 8 dimensions

Are the cost centre and cost unit within cost accounting not enough for you? Then create a contribution margin calculation per product, project, order or customer! Define additional dimensions flexibly and evaluate them separately.

Multi-level contribution margin accounting

Which cost units are profitable and with which products do I earn money? For the post-calculation of the products, is an exact post-calculation and a contribution margin calculation from DB 1 to DB4 required?

Internal cost allocation

Profit-centre-based income statements are standard in modern controlling. Distribute overheads and offset services beyond cost centres and cost units. Create your allocations and divide them into fixed and variable costs in production.

Visualised figures

Would you like to graphically process and visualise your figures? Jet Reports, Power Pivot and Power BI help you to do this. Predefined templates for these evaluation tools are included.

Other solution scenarios

Valuation of stock value without Excel

Do you still calculate your stock value on the balance sheet date using complicated formulas in Microsoft Excel? Avoid thousands of Excel operations and formula errors! Let your system independently calculate all valuation rules, saving you time and money.

Optimisation of stock through the best possible depreciation of items

Evaluate your stock in the best way possible, No matter whether monthly, quarterly or once a year for the annual inventory! Taxes can be saved with the best possible depreciation scenarios according to your own set of rules.

Genuine nature-of-expense method

A high level of transparency within financial accounting through additional P&L postings to map production-relevant areas for a traditional nature-of-expense method. Posting to flexible accounts within the P&L and balance sheet allows flexible evaluations and analysis in financial accounting

Apps for your controlling

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