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XaaS Models: Seize Your Opportunities for Growth! Anything as a Service (XaaS) models are on the rise.

They make it possible to offer products and services in a more flexible and scalable way – and thus meet the expectations of their customers. More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of these business models.

According to a study by EY, more than half of all companies want to adopt XaaS models. Technology companies are leading the way, but other industries are also increasingly jumping on the bandwagon.

One-fifth of the companies surveyed expect to generate more than $1 billion in additional revenue by 2027.

The evolution of XaaS models is moving away from subscription models to consumption models or outcome-based pricing. These models offer a number of benefits to businesses, including:

  • Adjusting prices to demand
    Companies can increase their prices when demand increases and reduce them when demand decreases. This means that they can skim off their customers’ maximum willingness to pay by setting prices so high that they achieve maximum profits without affecting demand.
  • Adapting offers to customer wishes
    Companies can give their customers the option of paying only for what they actually use. This is an effective strategy for increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Control costs
    Companies can better manage their costs by only paying for the resources they actually use. This is another opportunity to increase profits and reduce risks.

Frequent problems in accounting and payment transactions

However, companies need to adapt their processes in order to take advantage of XaaS models. Companies consistently report these challenges, particularly in the areas of market launch, invoicing and payment transactions:

Insufficient automation:
Month after month, hundreds, if not thousands, of invoices need to be created for subscriptions, services and other recurring payments. Manually generated invoices take a lot of time and are therefore too expensive. At the same time, errors accumulate, for example in the amounts shown, the due dates or the recipients. This can lead to payment defaults and customer dissatisfaction.

Lack of transparency:
Given the large volume of recurring invoices, it is difficult to keep track of the respective status. This can lead to payment defaults and discrepancies in the financial accounts.

Difficult administration:
Trial periods, notice periods, grace periods and automatic renewals: The complexity of XaaS offerings is increasing. Creating correct invoices therefore becomes a complex task. The consequences are increased administrative effort and higher costs.

Benefits of using software solutions

Modern XaaS offerings are inconceivable without software. Only software enables the necessary efficiency and accuracy in financial processes. It offers the following advantages:
The automatic creation of recurring invoices.
A reliable overview of all recurring payments and their respective status.
Standardized and simplified processes.

XaaS with bill-to 365

Would you like to take advantage of the opportunities of the XaaS world for your company? Then visit our next webcast: bill-to 365 is the module in the CKL software family for recurring invoices.

The highlights include:

Flexible and easy-to-use management of your subscriptions and recurring invoices
Different billing models, such as licenses and consumption, which can be combined in the same subscription
Simple and individual parameterization of your invoice texts
Integration of automated texts, also based on conditions such as public holidays or sales opportunities such as Black Friday
and much more.
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