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Warehouse management: uncompromisingly efficient.

Warehouse management that gives your success a boost.

No business without a warehouse: In retail companies, the warehouse plays a central but often underestimated role. It is the invisible pillar that holds everything together. But what happens if the warehouse does not function optimally?

A missing warehouse – fatal consequences

Warehouses must be well managed in order to serve customers quickly and deliver goods.

Too much stock is just as bad as too little. Too much stock ties up valuable capital. Products become obsolete, suffer damage and may have to be written off.

Effective inventory management – the key to success

It is therefore important to find a balance. Complete and correct inventory management is essential for this. Errors must be identified and rectified quickly.

Correct inventory management not only has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. It also improves:


  • The service team can competently inform customers about order processing and delivery dates.
  • Reliable information gives the customer a good feeling. The image and customer loyalty increase.

Efficient decisions:

  • Thanks to correct and seamless inventory management, the purchasing department gains an overview of stocks, even across branches.
  • They can optimize orders in terms of timing and delivery conditions.

A feel for trends and profitability:

  • Some industries experience constantly changing trends. The fashion industry is a well-known example.
  • Precise inventory management helps to recognize and react to changing customer behaviour at an early stage.
  • In this way, sales opportunities can be exploited and customer wishes fulfilled.

Speed and efficiency:

  • Correct inventory management helps to optimize processes.
  • Accepting an order, searching for products, putting missing goods on hold – all this takes time and increases the error rate.
  • Teams that know what is in the warehouse can improve the order sequence.

Software from a single source – the optimal solution

The demands on inventory management are high. This is why medium-sized companies today use ERP systems almost without exception. They also often use supplementary software or Excel sheets. This combination can lead to errors and time-consuming data evaluation.

Integrated systems, on the other hand, have an advantage:

  • They enable standardized data preparation and evaluation.
  • They make it easier for employees to familiarize themselves with the system logic.
  • The cost of introducing supplementary systems is low.
  • Data migrations can be avoided.

Inventory 365: The perfect complement for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Inventory 365 is one such system. It integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The solution enables simple and convenient reconciliation between the item movements in the warehouse and the G/L account postings for current assets in financial accounting. The system recognizes the differences automatically. This allows errors to be rectified quickly. An extended posting matrix provides additional transparency in the income statement and balance sheet.

With Inventory 365, you can optimize your inventory management and create the basis for efficient processes, satisfied customers and sustainable success.

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